concrete veneer mix Can Be Fun For Anyone

Gregory, unfortunately we don't have a suggested item within our product or service line that we recommend for the construction of your pool. - Chris Technical Solutions

Hi Chris my dips are certainly not 1/2 inch deep in my shower floor am i able to however utilize the solution Sakrete top rated and bond or is there a special variation I must do. Thanks again - Michelle

Michelle, it seems like the mortar bed/base was sloped improperly before the tile was utilized. The tile and thinset must be taken out in order to accurate the slope.

I desire to make concrete garage base wider bye 1ft the base is16ft long will it be Okay just to pour concrete in ,or Otherwise how do you make sure it really is joined I'm having a wider garage - Roger

Cindy, regrettably you'll need to mechanically remove every one of the sealer all the way down to a good substrate just before using a resurfacing material. A slurry is simply used to primary a surface for one more material. Portland, color, bonding agent, and water is not going to have any strength in the least.

I've a four by 8 coated and walled location with a perfectly sound concrete base. It's a trash bin storage place. Issue can it be extends to some patio which pitches toward the area and water pools there. I was thinking of building a frame that pitches back again towards the patio so the area will continue to be dry.

Watch ten more feedback... I 'm closing in under an elevated place. one particular a concrete mix pump person stop I have to pour a wall that may hook up with a cement wall. I plan to dig again so I am able to pour along facet a portion of the existing wall to created a larger space for sealing.

Kevin, we recommend using Sakrete Prime ‘N Bond that is a polymer modified resurfacing material which might be used from ½” all the way down to a feathered edge.

I have a foundation wall that is not flush with the wall sheathing. Whenever we set up z-flashing, in some sites the z-flashing will adhere out 1/2" past the concrete and some places, It's going to be flush.

We're rennovating our house and changing the outdated wood floors with new bamboo floors. The old floors in which sitting down on 2x4's rather than a slab of concrete. A tar adhesive was used under Individuals 2x4's. We cleared up all of the Wooden and now must pour new cement to level the floors 1st prior to adding the new bamboo floors.

I have an 8'x10' conc dw pad on approx. a five% slope while in the rear of my house that causes an alley. The slab has cracked via and a single aspect is elevated almost 3in over one other.

We used a trowel to include Sakrete flo-coat on the fifty year-previous rough but clean concrete slab in basement. Seems like there was a chemical response with the previous floor.

Joni, Of course the Flo-Coat could be used. The sleek areas will concrete mix tools need to be abraded with a grinder or tool that should generate a class profile. If you are trying to use over a really easy towel finish it may well delaminate. Just after abrading the surface area, pressure clean the whole place to get rid of any loose dust or particles. Make positive that the floor is damp prior to deciding to utilize the material.

I am creating a in ground swimming pool by my self. sakrete concrete mix yield I provide the twenty by 40 hole dug currently being 10 feet on deep finish. I'm finding ready to put the rebar while in the pool and after i finish this i is going to be ready to use the concrete to the rebar. The concrete will be applied to a thickness of six inches. Simply because I'm unwilling to pay for 12 or 13K for guys to come in and spray the gunite on i will be implementing this without spraying.

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